How do I get to Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri?

Many bus companies operate both big busses and minivans to Sen Monorom (often just advertised as Mondulkiri). A bus from Phnom Penh takes around 6 hours and costs around $11. A bus from Siem Reap takes around 10-12 hours and can cost anywhere from $15 to $22.

Tickets can be booked online from various companies or from agencies near tourist areas. These agencies can often arrange free pickup from your hostel or hotel but make sure to shop around for the best price.

There is talk of opening a nearby border with Vietnam for foreigners this year (2017), too, and we are relatively close to Laos. For the latter you could come through the border at Tropaeng Kreal and go to Steung Treng and from there catch a bus to Mondulkiri.

Where do I stay?

The Green House is partnered with the Elephant Community Development Project and is the recommended place to stay in Sen Monorom. It is central, cheap, and, of course, the money goes to help the community and the elephants.

You can book it online here.

What should I bring on the tour?

Depending on how adventurous you want to be, you could bring a swimming suit and towel, mosquito spray, sturdy shoes, a good camera, and hiking clothes. Or, if you want, just yourself and some walking shoes. Food (for you and the elephants) and water are provided.

What is the Elephant Community Development Project?

We aim to protect the elephants, their habitat, and the way of life of the Bunong people. These are all under threat. The money we make from tourism or our guest house (Green House) goes into these areas.

We buy elephants in order to free them, employee locals, and do whatever else we can to help them, including funding construction projects.

Why visit us?

We are locally run, responsible, and do not aim to make money. Our goal is to help the elephants and the community.

We provide a tour in which you’ll spend time with the elephants, walk through the jungle, eat a local lunch, see a local village, visit waterfalls, visit a local coffee and tea plantation, and see and do many more things, run by local guides. We are also one of the cheapest tours in Sen Monorom.

Contributions go directly to the community and the elephants.

Elephants stay with their traditional owners, whereas some other programs might displace them, force them to work too much, or otherwise stress the elephants. Our elephants stay with local mahouts they personally select and trust.

We protect the local forests by renting them, preventing deforestation.

We promote community awareness of issues such as over-farming (Cambodian farmers do not practice responsible crop rotation) and larger picture issues that are difficult for locals to imagine (locals do not often save money).